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Does this movie poster look familiar to you?


When I first saw it, it reminded me immediately of Malinda Lo’s equally beautiful cover art for Ash.

lo_ash-8706640Comparing a movie poster to a book’s cover design is saying something, dear publishers. I think there are a lot more people in this world who actually perceive graphic design at face value. Back when I interviewed Antony John on his Five Flavors of Dumb cover, he made the same observation. There’s definitely an impression that design and marketing make specifically for the eyes that take it in. The very same design that I pause to look at in the movie theater is also pulled from the same fabric that makes me pause in my bookstore or library.

I’ve seen the Swedish original Let the Right One In but I haven’t had the chance to read Ash yet. Both covers are similarly gorgeous, featuring minimal elements that make me feel sadness but also fill me with curiosity. I’m sure I’m much safer reading Ash than watching Let Me In in a dark room alone by myself, though.

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Bryan Williams