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Back in 2010 I posted an entry titled, “when movie posters remind me of book covers.” Today’s post is the reverse effect!

Take the cover art for Lauren Morrill’s Meant to Bewith its lovely London landscape.


No other cover here on TCG has made me immediately think such words as “bursting with vibrant romance” as this one. (See, again, this is why I’m not a writer.) In fact, this is probably going to be the only cover that makes me feel this way. A few months ago, someone tweeted about this little number, and I remember staring at this cover with a wide grin on my face. We’re talking a silly, goofy, most-likely-stupid-looking grin of ridiculous proportions here. For those of you who don’t know, I am very much a romantic. I love spark, sweetness and mushy feelings despite my snarky exterior. This cover pulls at all of those little strings, then ties them into a neat little bow. The comp pieces together layers that work in tandem – from color to texture to mood to title. It’s not an easy feat, considering that the grass shadows don’t match the subjects, nor are they in correct proportion. And the abstract explosion of pastels? All of these players are like the A-Team of cover art elements.

Enough of the swooning. So, which movie poster did this cover remind me of?


The bursts of color! The expressions on their faces! This poster makes me want to go and hug someone and twirl them around. Nuanced with romance that seeps from the details in this poster, it lights me up, just like Meant to Be. But perhaps I’m biased here, because I thought it was such a lovely little film. If you’ve seen the film, would you agree or disagree? If you’ve read Meant to Be, is it just as romantic as its cover implies?

Bryan Williams