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I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of reader who likes to remove a novel’s sleeve prior to reading. It’s not because I need my books in absolute pristine condition either. Sometimes I purchase used books that come with library binding or may have scuffs around the edges or what have you. I remove sleeves because, quite frankly, they’re annoying. They flop around and don’t make for a great reading experience. Sure, they’re pretty (otherwise I wouldn’t have a reason to be running this blog), but you won’t ever catch me lounging around smudging up a cover’s jacket whilst reading.

So what happens when you pull off a book’s jacket? If you’re not looking at its spine, there’s a good chance you’ll have no idea what book you’re reading. In fact, I scoured my heinously small library (compared to a lot of you bloggers out there) and only found 6 novels that had any kind of blind image.

For those avid YA readers, some of these are easy giveaways. See if you can guess the following three (click on each image to link to their title on Goodreads):


Thats a leaf. It was tricky trying to take this pic.


Hint: thats a hotel symbol.


I bet you can’t guess this one below. It is SUPER DIFFICULT.


Yeah, Im not even bothering linking to this one.


No really, if you dont know this one…just…know that Im making my judgy face at you.

You may want to avert your eyes for this next one.



This next one I purchased at Teen Book Con earlier this month. A title and everything!


And last but not least, my current read. I wasn’t exactly heartbroken when I had to take the cover jacket off.


paranormalcy_02-8333992Are there any novels you’ve noticed that aren’t quite so naked when they’re…well..naked?

Bryan Williams