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Sometimes I wonder what on God’s green earth was Simon Pulse thinking when they thought it’d be neat to roll out covers that look like this:


I get that it’s part of a romantic comedies series. I get that people like covers that follow a design scheme (myself included). But what I don’t get is how I’m supposed to walk out of a library or bookstore without feeling completely mortified that I’m carrying a book that has cartoon characters on the front.

I’m not discrediting the designer’s work here. Amy Saiden’s illustrations are quirky and unique. They capture a very distinct sassy vibe and fun feel, and I’d love to see her characters in a webcomic or greeting card. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not demoting her to webcomic/greeting card status (I love them both). But these illustrations at face value would have me running in the other direction if I was a teenager, its target demographic.

To place these types of characters on YA covers feels off-putting to me. If I can’t take the cover seriously, why would I want to read the novel?

Side note: Jennifer Echols’ The Ex Games was my first foray into reading her work. I’ve also read Major Crush, Forget You, and Going Too Far. While I have yet to remotely like any of Echols’ covers, I wish I could marry the insides of Going Too Far, that’s how much I loved it. Please don’t tell my husband.

Side note #2: I’m actually making these side notes because I’m quite the crazy Jennifer Echols fangirl who actually wants to marry her books.

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Bryan Williams