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When you were a teen, I’m sure you had some insecurities. Perhaps you weren’t good enough at sports. You were terrible at math. You couldn’t fill a B cup. Or perhaps, like so many teenagers (me included), you suffered through daily bouts with dreaded acne.

Now imagine someone who took that insecurity just a little too far.


Yes. This is a real book cover. And yes, the first sentence of Skin’s summary on the back reads:

It looks like a pizza exploded on Nick Barry’s face.

It’s really easy for me to hop over to an online bookseller’s horror section and find a cover that completely freaks me out and throw it under the What Were YA Thinkin bus. But this cover didn’t even really have to try that hard. I feel sorry for this protagonist, really I do. That acne isn’t the worst of his problems — apparently he’s got an EVIL living inside of him, too. Talk about a bad day.

Bryan Williams