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Sometimes I wonder what on God’s green earth was Simon Pulse thinking when they thought it’d be neat to roll out covers that look like this: I get that it’s part of a romantic comedies series. I get that people like covers that follow a design scheme (myself included). But what I don’t get is … Continue reading »


This is an outrage. This is disregarding the fact that in general, faces on covers almost immediately make me recoil. But on this particular cover, it’s not just the fact that there’s a face. Her face doesn’t seem vaguely familiar? Maybe this will help. Oh, Bloomsbury, really?


Can I please get a show of hands for all of those completely embarrassed by these Teenagers About to Make Out covers? Gah. Never mind that Rich and Mad looks like a book that was published in the early nineties. That guy looks like he’s about to give her mouth to mouth, not give her … Continue reading »


I don’t think this novel needs an introduction. I know. I know. But give me just a second. When the cover art was first revealed for Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay, I think my first word was, “What?” and then I probably made a face of disgust. This is just what pretentious cover snobs do in their … Continue reading »


Warning: if you don’t like to look at scary imagery, I highly suggest skipping this post. I have a little secret: I don’t do scary. Not movies. Not books. NOTHING. It’s interesting that as a woman in my late twenties, the smallest inkling of anything that might potentially strike fear into my heart sends me … Continue reading »


Disclaimer time! In my introductory post, I mentioned that this blog would be dedicated to the world of YA covers. Not about whether the pages within were worth anyone’s time. Not about whether I loved the story or not. These posts won’t encourage people to “Go, buy this right now!” or “Aack! Stay away! Its … Continue reading »

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