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You people are making this way too easy.

girlmeetsboy-6209649When this cover art first popped up in my inbox, my initial reaction was (verbatim): “What. WHAT IS HAPPENING.” This was aside from laughing, of course.

I don’t know about you, but when I think about relaxing in a tree (or falling asleep romantically in my boyfriend’s arms in a tree, for that matter), images like this one do not come to mind.

I also had many other reactions:

  1. That looks incredibly awkward.
  2. When she wakes up (if she doesn’t fall to her death), she’s going to have the world’s biggest mother of a backache.
  3. Can you imagine directing that photo? “Do you feel uncomfortable yet? I need you to feel more uncomfortable. If you’re not uncomfortable then the picture isn’t going to turn out right.”
  4. This cover feels like something Zooey Deschanel would have created à la one of her quirky characters à la one of her quirky movies.

Chronicle Books, you win The Most Awkward Cover Art award, hands down, no competition. And what’s more, you also win The Book I Most Want to Read in January 2012 award because this is what your innards are about:

GIRL MEETS BOY, a collection of “he said/she said” short stories examines the power of perception, enlisting writing duos to tell the same story from two gender opposite points of view.  Differences are clear in each controversial tale, but so are similarities, revealing the historic chasm might just be possible to bridge.

This anthology is not for the faint of heart.  Their hands free, each author — most YA stars in their own right — wrote candid, sometimes shocking accounts of love, longing, stereotypes and the hope for clarity common in the young adult realm.  These stories will have teens talking — about the book and about challenges of their own. (from Jill Corcoran Books)

A cover that makes me feel the need to blink several times in disbelief and yet excited to read the book? I feel like that deserves some kind of award, too.

Bryan Williams