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I thought we’d already discussed this whole “no crotches on covers” thing. Because…really? Thanks (and no thanks) to Kelly for pointing out this cover. Did you think that crotchety covers were only relegated to female-focused YA artwork? Not so! Covers like the one above for Williams’ Teenage Rewrite show that both genders’ nether-regions are not safe from … Continue reading »


Riddle me this, Batman. What do you get when you mix talented photography, makeup artists, costume/set designers, and really weird direction? Ta-da. I have tried multiple times over the past ten minutes to come up with some coherent and non-rambly sentence that could adequately express my sincere confusion in regards to this cover. I keep … Continue reading »


You people are making this way too easy. When this cover art first popped up in my inbox, my initial reaction was (verbatim): “What. WHAT IS HAPPENING.” This was aside from laughing, of course. I don’t know about you, but when I think about relaxing in a tree (or falling asleep romantically in my boyfriend’s … Continue reading »


It’s about that time again, boys and girls. Another Mead novel, another email from my lovely friend Shanna with this as her subject line: Which basically translates to me demanding asking her to guest post again. Mark my words, one of these days I will read the Vampire Academy series, because I know she loves … Continue reading »


It’s a thin line between love and hate. Oh who am I (and The Persuaders) kidding, there is no thin line, especially in the sad, sad case of terrible YA covers. In such cases, it’s a thin line between “Oh my goodness, I hate this cover” and “Oh my goodness, I hate this one even … Continue reading »


I can almost guarantee you that every other What Were YA Thinkin? post will be dedicated to a cover that gives me heebie jeebies. Like this one: I’m not going even going to address the type treatment for The Waking or the fact that I can jump on the all-caps bandwagon for this cover art. … Continue reading »


When you were a teen, I’m sure you had some insecurities. Perhaps you weren’t good enough at sports. You were terrible at math. You couldn’t fill a B cup. Or perhaps, like so many teenagers (me included), you suffered through daily bouts with dreaded acne. Now imagine someone who took that insecurity just a little too … Continue reading »


I think it’s nice to have decency. Really, I do. I’m not exactly the world’s biggest prude, but I certainly have my own standards of modesty. This does not include pointing the camera at someone’s crotch, by the way. I’ve taken the liberty of editing Swimming Sweet Arrow’s cover, because apparently someone’s mother wasn’t around to … Continue reading »


I may have to start a new meme here, called Who Does This YA Cover Model Look Like? Stumped? Here’s your answer! Try not to be jealous of my Photoshop skills. Just try.


I’ve seen this cover for Ednah Walters’ Awakened floating around the internet, and at first I thought I’d keep my opinions to myself about it. Then I saw it on a blog for the billionth time and figured I’d put my two cents in. What in the world was I don’t know why Why on earth … Continue reading »

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