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It’s been an incredibly humbling year.

Thanks to those who have encouraged me from the very start (Adele). Thanks to Hubs who understands that every now and then I get caught up staring at my computer screen for hours and getting excited over cover art and books. Thanks to my Twitter contacts that quickly turned into friendships, and thanks to those authors/editors/artists who responded to my stalker-like emails during ridiculously late hours asking them to answer a multitude of questions and let me share their work here.

I’m going to attempt to be specific in my acknowledgements. Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers that I’ve met the past year (online or IRL): Carla, Em, the girls of FYA, AmberGinger, Tara, Lindsi, Jen, Melanie, Anna, StephJamie, Katie, Tina, Chachic, Cari, Jess, Jacinda & Jasmine. (Oh my word there are so many of you)

To the bloggers who work their 9-5′s (and more) in one of my favorite places on earth: the library. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making reading a wonderful thing for youth: SarahAbby, Kelly, Gretchen, & Jennifer.

To the writers who continue to make me laugh and think about characterization all in the same tweet. I’ll be first in line to read every one of your books in the future: SuzeSommer, Jordyn, Bri, Sarah, Haley & Kate.

To authors and artists alike — I hope you continue to get recognized and praised for your beautiful and outstanding work. Thanks for your inspiration and your friendship.

To the readers of this blog: Thank you for your wonderful comments and kind emails. Thank you for not getting bored when the posts slowed down to a trickle. Thank you for reading this right now. 

Finally, I made a little video that expresses everything else I didn’t say here.

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