The Only Way to Trim Curly Hair: Wet or Dry?

The decision between wet or dry is always a difficult one when it comes to curly hair. There is no single right answer, because it really depends on the type of curls and the desired result. In the end, the only way to curly hair is to do it when it is both wet and dry. This guarantees that the haircut will be most cost-effective and will result in the desired look.

The first step in curly hair removal is to wet the curls. This relaxes the hair and makes it simpler to handle. In addition, this will show which curls must be cut. The stylist will also be able to better control the length of the cut by trimming the hair by trimming the hair. If wetting the hair, it’s important to use a curly hair shampoo and conditioner because regular shampoo and conditioner will dry out and damage the curls.

If the hair is long, it is time to trim it. It’s critical to get off slowly and work up to the desired length. Trimming too much at once can damage the curls and cause them to look uneven. Using the right kind of scissors is also crucial. A pair of thinning shears can be a good option for shave curly hair because it will help create a more even cut.

The next step is to blow dry the hair. Curly hair should always be dried with a diffuser, as this will help with the curl pattern. Once the hair is completely dry, it’s time to get a final trim. Now is the time to make any necessary adjustments and ensure that the haircut looks the way it should be cut.

In sum, the only way to cut curly hair is to do it when it is both wet and dry. This will guarantee that the haircut is correct and that the desired look is achieved. It’s critical to start off slowly and work up to the desired length as well as to use the right products and equipment. Lastly, it’s also important to dry the hair with a diffuser because doing so will help maintain the curl pattern. With these tips, cutting curly hair will be a breeze.