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I follow the lovely Regina Roff on Twitter, a talented designer and illustrator who also happens to be a fun person to follow. She’s also getting married this coming weekend (2 days!), and she posted a photo of her wedding shower greeting card, which I promptly retweeted:


Oh who am I kidding, it is the best greeting card I’ve ever seen. A YA cover card.

This is what happens when you’re a book cover designer working for a publishing house and you’re surrounded by brilliantly hilarious people. For those unfamiliar with the cover art, it pulls from the Drake Chronicles series repackage (that Regina designed!).

Here’s a photo so you can compare the two:


Is that not hilarious or what? Kudos to designer Derrick Sanskrit KC who also designed the back of this genius card (quotes supplied by publishing staff):


I can’t stop smiling when I look at this card! All of the quotes play to Regina’s interests — gaming, kittens, LoTR, zombies and design. It’s so incredibly thoughtful (and have I mentioned yet how funny I find the card?!). And I absolutely love the engagement photos (by Marissa De Cinque), especially that middle one. Happy wedding, Regina & Dennis!

Side note — how awesome would it be to get prom photos done as YA book covers? I’ll go ahead and start scheming for spring of next year!

If you’ve got a moment, stop by Regina’s site and check out her illustrations or follow her on Twitter. And if you’ve read any of the Drake Chronicles, let me know in the comments! I haven’t read a YA paranormal in ages.

Bryan Williams