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You’d think someone who had a feature called Cell Coverage would be able to take a decent, non-blurry photo with her phone. Au contraire. My poor phone’s backside has since been replaced (its glass got scratched!), but not before I had the chance to snap this quick pic at my local BAM: Here’s the thing … Continue reading »


There are people who can pick out a prominent city skyline because that’s their hometown or their favorite place in the world. City skylines like Paris, Tokyo, Chicago, New York and San Francisco. We recognize Mickey’s silhouette because of his bubbly mouse ears, or Michael Jordan because of his dunk. And then there are people … Continue reading »


You know how sometimes you see a picture of cover art online and you’re all “meh” and then someone takes a picture of the novel out in the wild and you’re, all “WHAT.” Let me explain. Take exhibit A, above. I’ll admit to seeing the graphic of Cynthia Hand’s Unearthly online and not thinking much about … Continue reading »


I have to admit I’ve had my eye trained on this book for a few months. Every time I venture into a bookstore, it’s almost always outward-facing. I also can’t help but be attracted to shiny objects — y’know, like a squirrel or raccoon but without the whole rabies thing. But seriously, check out the … Continue reading »


What can I say, I’m a sucker for covers with symbols. Especially well-crafted, beautifully illustrated ones. I’ve never read any of the oodles of Sweep novels, but if I ever decided to start reading them, I could blame these covers. My favorite is the second volume, mostly because I’m permanently biased to non-spectral colors between violet and … Continue reading »


I know this feature is called Cover Love, but I think you’ll quickly see that this post is far beyond cover love, folks. It’s coverlust in the most purest of forms. It’s so lusty* that I might even have to come up with a different feature name. Something along the lines of Spaztastic Cover Pics … Continue reading »


I own this book. I’ve read this book. Yet every time I see it in a bookstore, it’s like my eyes can’t. Stop. Staring.


Jonathan Friesen’s Jerk, California is the perfect example of a novel that I picked up at a bookstore because its spine (that’s right folks, right before I even saw the COVER) caught my eye. Take a look: It’s almost excruciatingly simple, no? I had never seen Friesen’s book cover online, nor had I read any reviews. All … Continue reading »