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In My Mailbox (imm) is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren. Oh, sorry, I guess that picture’s a bit too zoomed out. Here you go, this picture’s a bit better. Amongst other exclamations and capitalized letters, I expressed my happiness by saying the following to Adele on Twitter: I don’t know about you, … Continue reading »


Okay, so I may be cheating a bit here. The following cover art work of genius has been categorized as fiction by its publisher. I’ve seen it shelved as YA on Goodreads, and have read a few reviews categorizing it as both YA and adult. Whatever. I’m categorizing it under Covers: Awesome. Before I dive … Continue reading »


It’s difficult for me to point at one specific aspect of a cover and say, “That is what makes it outstanding.” There are so many artistic elements working together, even in the most simplistic of covers. It’s not every day that I step back from a novel’s face and say, “This cover only works because … Continue reading »


In My Mailbox (imm) is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren. With the book buying ban still in effect (with an exception to gifts bought for others), I’ve still found myself acquiring books at the kind hands of some very generous folks: Graffiti Moon & Blood Song (Thank you Adiba!): Of all the Aussie … Continue reading »


From the moment that I thought about doing this series of interviewing my IRL bookish friends, I had one person specifically in mind that I knew I absolutely had to interview. There are only two people who can be held responsible for my initial venture into reading YA literature 3.5 years ago. She is one of them. … Continue reading »

I think the three most popular cover-related posts that pop up in my Google Reader are some variation of cover love, cover reveals, or twinkie covers. Not that I’m opposed to these (obviously), because every time I spy such a title I immediately want to stop whatever I’m doing and read that post. (I’ve got … Continue reading »


WARNING: The following interview is intended only for an audience who: Has an appreciation for art Has a sense of curiosity Has a sense of humor Most importantly has 15 minutes of interrupted time (trust me, you want to read this entire interview) Please give a warm welcome to the brilliantly talented designer, Christian Fuenfhausen. Without … Continue reading »


Last month, literary agent Janet Reid held a title poetry contest, inspired by author Tahereh Mafi. I decided to enter, so I thought I’d share it with you, too: (No, I didn’t win, as there were approximately 4.5 bajillion entries that were far better than mine.) But I love a good title on a novel. Whether … Continue reading »


I honestly can’t believe this series is almost over. It goes without saying that all of these posts are special because they contain folks who are near and dear to my heart. Today’s yet another one of those special days. These two ladies also happen to have a love for children’s literature, which pleases me … Continue reading »


I’ve been to the bookstore twice this week. Once, because it was close to where Hubs and I had dinner, and again when I went with my good friend Lauren (who will be on the blog next week!). But since I’m currently on a book-buying ban, both adventures were primarily spent just gazing at cover … Continue reading »

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