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Those folks over at Little, Brown have done it again. Yesterday, author Jackson Pearce revealed ARCs (and their corresponding covers!) to her upcoming novel, Sweetly, a companion piece to Sisters Red. As long as Little, Brown keeps up with the awesome covers, I will continue to say nice things about them. But one of these days I … Continue reading »


What can I say, I’m a sucker for covers with symbols. Especially well-crafted, beautifully illustrated ones. I’ve never read any of the oodles of Sweep novels, but if I ever decided to start reading them, I could blame these covers. My favorite is the second volume, mostly because I’m permanently biased to non-spectral colors between violet and … Continue reading »


You know how I said this blog would solely be dedicated to YA covers? Yeah, well…Just kidding. A few months ago I decided to approach author Daisy Whitney and ask her if she’d be interested in me creating a book trailer for her debut novel, The Mockingbirds. “No strings attached,” I said. “Not trying to … Continue reading »


I assume there’s an endless supply of creativity when it comes to cover design. But similar to other art forms, I also believe that it must be incredibly frustrating for a designer, artist, or illustrator to constantly come up with something “cool!” and “unique!” and “edgy!” I’m pretty sure they get tired of hearing these … Continue reading »


Lately I’ve noticed more and more feminine covers in the YA section, whether they feature flowers, purples and pinks, or just objects that scream girly like feathers and cute socks. Not that I’m opposed to any of these things, but you publishing houses really try to cater to your demographic, that’s for sure. However, this … Continue reading »


While Girls With Weapons would make for an interesting YA title, this post is dedicated to two very awesome covers (WITH FACES, no less) that have recently caught my eye. I wouldn’t want to be menacingly approached by them in an alleyway 18th century pirate ship/city of the Fairy Queen, for sure. First up is Carrie … Continue reading »


The color pink: check. Multitude of symbols: check. The letter “i” being accented with a symbol: check. Caps: check. Books that made me want to know more: check, check, check.


Oh for the love of hand-drawn art, what have we here? I was distracted from work the other day when Adele emailed me the link to cover artist Elise Hurst’s website, where she goes into some background about how all three covers of Celine Kiernan’s Moorehawke Trilogy were made. Other than the fact that Hurst … Continue reading »


Finally, a cover with faces on it that actually made me want to know more. It might actually be easier to say that I like this cover because of the interesting subject matter, but that would be a copout. I mean, yes, there’s a half-face of a girl on the cover, but look, there, to … Continue reading »


There’s a good amount of on-the-verge-of-making-out covers out there in YA at the moment. When I stopped by the bookstore, I actually found a novel that distinctly talks about kissing in its title. You’d think the cover might actually including, well…(almost) kissing. I was thoroughly amused that it didn’t. (And silently cheering)