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I’m going on somewhat of a hiatus from blogging until December. But I thought I’d write a quick post featuring the striking cover for R.J. Palacio’s upcoming novel, Wonder. Many, many thanks to Erin for sending it to me. Internet is spotty and slow where I am. I’d write more, but I don’t even know if this … Continue reading »


It was only two weeks ago that I posted a fangirly glowing review of August’s cover art, chock-full of nothing but sparkly adjectives positive things to say about that intriguing upside-down cover. So you can only imagine my surprise when I woke up to a comment on that very post from the illustrator himself, Guy … Continue reading »


Riddle me this, Batman. What do you get when you mix talented photography, makeup artists, costume/set designers, and really weird direction? Ta-da. I have tried multiple times over the past ten minutes to come up with some coherent and non-rambly sentence that could adequately express my sincere confusion in regards to this cover. I keep … Continue reading »


Let’s just be honest here. When I saw the new facelift for The Rivals, I immediately did a double take. I wasn’t particularly sad that the Doberman cover had been replaced with, erm, a cute guy, but I was a bit thrown off. Where had my beloved branding gone, which had been set up nicely … Continue reading »


Growing up, I was a big fan of the X-Files. I read anything by Bruce Coville (Aliens Ate My Homework, anyone?) and checked out as many books about UFOs from the library as I possibly could. And I was used to alien book covers that looked like this: It’s almost so bad it’s good, right? … Continue reading »

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