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As we’re quickly approaching December, I thought it’d be fitting to show some cover love to a snow globe-like cover. Well, sort of. There is absolutely no Christmas-like quality to this cover except for the globe-ish shape, and the stark white background that almost resembles the blinding white of snow. But this cover art hits … Continue reading »


What happens when you take a story of 7 teenagers trapped at school during a blizzard trying to stay alive and combine it with a talented art director to create its cover? This: A big warm welcome to author Michael Northrop, who’s here today to share his thoughts about Trapped’s alluring cover. TCG: Regarding Trapped’s … Continue reading »


If the cover for Michael Northrop’s Gentlemen didn’t grab you at first, perhaps this one will: One of the most common reasons why I do a double-take when it comes to covers is a combination of surprise by an arresting title and surprise by an emotional reaction to a vivid scene. So was the case … Continue reading »


You’re probably thinking 1 of the following things: OMG! Capillya! How clever of you to spoof Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire cover! Oh wait, isn’t it almost Thanksgiving? Wouldn’t this have been MUCH more clever to do back in October? Wait a second that’s not even a YA novel why in the world are … Continue reading »


I think it’s nice to have decency. Really, I do. I’m not exactly the world’s biggest prude, but I certainly have my own standards of modesty. This does not include pointing the camera at someone’s crotch, by the way. I’ve taken the liberty of editing Swimming Sweet Arrow’s cover, because apparently someone’s mother wasn’t around to … Continue reading »


Now that it’s been a little over two months after launching this blog, I’m wondering if I’m starting to show a pattern of my taste in covers. Take the cover of Suzanne Weyn’s Empty, for example. Things I like about Empty’s cover: It presents a dark (and clear) tone It creates a sense of urgency … Continue reading »


You already know how I feel about faces on covers. Granted, cut-off faces are slightly better. But then they’re taken down a few notches again because they’re about to make out. But then, reusing those same faces? Since Martin’s novel was published earlier than Williams’ Anna’s Secret Legacy, I hereby declare The Lighter Side of Life and … Continue reading »


It’s very rare that I come across a novel with multiple cover designs that I love equally. That was until I saw two of the covers for Charmian Hussey’s The Valley of Secrets. This version of the cover art has a sort of whimsical feel to it, mostly due to the type. I can’t put my … Continue reading »


If you’ve missed the past two days of me gushing about Jackie Morse Kessler’s Hunger cover (oh, and she gushed too), today’s post may catch you a bit off-guard. Illustrator and designer Sammy Yuen joins me today to talk about the blood, sweat and tears that went into designing the face of Hunger, the first … Continue reading »


Today I’m pleased to share an interview with author Jackie Morse Kessler, who was kind enough to answer a few questions about Hunger’s amazing cover art. Hint: she loves it as much as I do. Did you have any expectations when you thought about what the cover for Hunger should look like? Were you able to provide … Continue reading »