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I absolutely love my blogosphere buddies. Over the past year, I’ve met some of the sweetest, hilarious, creative, and talented individuals that I never would have dreamed of meeting outside the realm of blogging and Twitter. 

But there’s definitely something to be said for the folks that I see on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. For those I’ve text messaged back and forth with when I should be sleeping, for those I’ve gone book bargain shopping with, and for those who have chosen to invest in my life outside the pages of a novel.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing a couple of people who I’m lucky enough to know in real life (IRL), and who happen to love the written word as much as I do. I’ve asked them all the same 5 questions, and all their answers are different. They’re diverse in age, reading habits, favorite books, and they all have different careers. And they’re all dear to my heart in different ways, but I consider you, dear reader, one of my friends too. And I think it’s high time you meet.


She’s fierce, y’all.


Ruth is one of those friends who never fails to crack me up. And over this series of posts, you’ll find that a lot of my friends crack me up. (What can I say, I love funny people.) But it’s Ruth’s love of The Hunger Games (with her same nervousness about the upcoming film) and helping me co-host a Mockingjay release partay that will forever place her in a league of her own. Everyone needs a girl like Ruth in their lives, trust me.

ruth_bluelikejazz-24691701) All-time favorite book (if you have one, or two…or three):

Hunger Games, The Shack, Blue Like Jazz

2) Type of books you like to read:

Dystopian fiction, memoirs, historical fiction

3) Type of characters/stories you like to read about: 

Characters who are forced to do what they never thought they were capable of. Characters who overcome hardship. 

4) The book you’re constantly peer pressuring your friends to read:

The Hunger Games

 5) Covers you love (or hate):

Hate: The Vampire Academy series and most other covers that have dramatic looking girls making provocative faces on them. (Look! Another reason why we are friends!)


How adorable is she? REALLY.


I’ve known Chanté ever since she was in middle school. She’s been lovingly called Best Friend’s Li’l Sis in the past, but now is considered a good friend. (She even thought I was sane enough to not showboat my crazy at her wedding and asked me to be her matron of honor and everything!) She is a huge Nicholas Sparks fan, and I swear up and down I’ve never seen her wear the same outfit twice. She is SO FASHIONABLE, y’all.

1) All-time favorite book (if you have one, or two…or three):

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (my favorite book that I read while in school); The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks (my favorite book that I read at home); and Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith (my favorite childhood book).

2) Type of books you like to read:

I don’t discriminate against genres, but if I have to pick I would chose young adult and literary fiction.

3) Type of characters/stories you like to read about: 

I like to change it up. What’s better that I reading a suspense book right after a romance novel? I think people don’t like to read, because they pick up books that have the same happy ending.

4) The book you’re constantly peer pressuring your friends to read:

chante_safehaven-3289586Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. Capillya told me about this book last year. I read the book in three days. I read it at work, which was a challenge. I work in customer service so I take phone calls all day. I would get upset when I would have to take a phone call. Lol!

5) Covers you love (or hate):

I was always told not to judge a book by its cover… Lol! To be honest I never really paid attention to book covers until Capillya started her blog. Now I like to guess at what Capillya would say about a certain cover before I read the book. icon_smile-2127545

I do hope you’ve enjoyed meeting my friends. More to come in the next few weeks!

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