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These covers, y’all. If there’s such a thing as a swoon streak, I’m on it. And dibs on that ridiculous term if it hasn’t been coined already. If the cover art for Naomi Shihab Nye’s There Is No Long Distance Now was a type of dessert, I’d liken it to a traditional black and white … Continue reading »


Hear ye, hear ye! No seriously, have y’all heard about the book, The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse? To be perfectly honest, when Courtney Summers told me about this cover art on Twitter, the first thing I thought was, “What?” The second thing I thought was, “That’s some crazybusiness.” And then when I finally decided to act … Continue reading »


Back in 2010 I posted an entry titled, “when movie posters remind me of book covers.” Today’s post is the reverse effect! Take the cover art for Lauren Morrill’s Meant to Be, with its lovely London landscape. No other cover here on TCG has made me immediately think such words as “bursting with vibrant romance” as this … Continue reading »

Hi there! So, you may have noticed the redecorating around these here parts. Even more, I’ve been thinking a bit about how I write posts for this here little blog. In order to get to know my readership a little bit better, I’ve created the little poll below. If you’ve got .36 seconds to spare, … Continue reading »


Thanks to the plethora of YA covers out there in the world, I was able to come up with a strange fun little comic. “Cover talk” would normally denote a serious conversation about the design, content, and the overall aesthetic of cover art, right? Yeah, well, this version of cover talk is a little different, … Continue reading »

Bryan Williams