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Apologies for the prolonged absence. Life happens sometimes. As someone who has to browse through hundreds of stock photos every year for her job, I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to come across a photo that doesn’t scream “Stick me in a human resources training video!” The difference between looking for a stock … Continue reading »


Today’s guest post is brought to you by my lovely friend Ginger of GReads. While I may agree (with gusto!) and nod along at all of her snarkiness, it’s always a given that cover-judging stops at the cover. Why do such terrible covers happen to good books? Why, universe, why?! Take it away, G!  So … Continue reading »


Several weeks ago I found myself clicking around on Amazon for new book finds. Not that I needed to purchase new books (wait did I really say that?), but I find the online conglomerate one of my favorite sources for discovering books outside of the YA realm. Then I happened upon the cover art for … Continue reading »


If you haven’t seen my sporadic commenting on Twitter about my feelings toward The Hunger Games casting news, let me enlighten you: Every little bit of news makes me want to barf. I’m nervous about the film, okay? My eyes glaze over as I see the dozens of tweets firing back and forth about EW … Continue reading »


Remember that one time I posted about the potential for the cover art to Marie Lu’s dystopian debut, Legend? If you don’t remember, that’s totally fine, because I can barely remember what I ate for dinner last night. Anyhoo, I basically talked about the potential for the intriguing-sounding synopsis. A short re-cap of the summary: Short … Continue reading »


In My Mailbox (imm) is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren. I’m going to call this IMM The Loaner Edition. Every single book in today’s lineup is on loaner, meaning YAY FREE BOOKS. Borrowed from my coworker: 1) Bossypants (Tina Fey) — I freaked when I learned Tina Fey was coming out with a … Continue reading »

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