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And now for the last stop on the Mare’s War Cover Love Train! Please give a warm welcome (and high five!) to cover designer Kate Gartner, the creative brainchild responsible for Mare’s captivating cover art. TCG: Did you get a chance to read Mare’s War before starting on its design? What information did you have … Continue reading »


If you didn’t get a chance to read the Cover Love post yesterday, you missed me gushing about the bold and iconic paperback cover for Mare’s War. Today, the lovely Tanita S. Davis weighs in about the cover’s design, and adds a few other Authorthoughts of her own. TCG: How much anticipation did you have … Continue reading »


You might have to do a double take when you look at this cover. This really is a young adult book, I promise. If you had pulled Tanita S. Davis’ Mare’s War from a shelf at the library or a bookstore, I would never have guessed where it came from. Maybe from adult fiction? History? … Continue reading »


Sometimes you’ve just gotta love a cover because it makes you laugh out loud and completely embarrass yourself in the middle of the bookstore. The perp? Art director and designer Angela Carlino who also designed the cover art for Fallen, King Dork, and the first three (hardcover) books of the Ruby Oliver series, just to … Continue reading »

For those of you who don’t watch “How I Met Your Mother,” apologies for the completely random Barney Stinson quote as this post’s title. I love me some Barney Stinson. It’s quite rare that I’ll read about a novel before seeing its cover art. This isn’t because I refuse to be interested in a book … Continue reading »


My favorite part of these trilogy posts is, without a doubt, the Behind the Design feature. For the past two days, you’ve ogled This Girl is Different’s cover and heard author J.J. Johnson’s exploration of its cover design as well as my own. Now it’s time to hear from the creator herself. TCG: Did you … Continue reading »


Every so often a cover jives with me in such a way that makes me want to scour the entire internet to find out more about its design process. J.J. Johnson’s This Girl is Different is precisely one of those covers. Please join me in welcoming J.J. to the blog in today’s Authorthoughts! TCG: With … Continue reading »


I think I’ve written and re-written this post’s intro paragraph approximately 27 times. I wanted to say something witty and clever, something to make you laugh. I wanted to say that this cover art was both breathtaking and beautiful. Perhaps I could have started with my excitement about how more and more illustrated work is … Continue reading »


Confession: This may not come as a surprise, but I’ve become a little disoriented lately with the onslaught of Sad Girls in Pretty Dresses plastered on every single YA title’s cover. They’re dark. They’re moody. They’re alluring. Heck, they may even be setting trends for prom dresses, for all I know. They all. Look. The. Same. … Continue reading »


It’s a thin line between love and hate. Oh who am I (and The Persuaders) kidding, there is no thin line, especially in the sad, sad case of terrible YA covers. In such cases, it’s a thin line between “Oh my goodness, I hate this cover” and “Oh my goodness, I hate this one even … Continue reading »

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