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Guess what?! The lovely Linds over at Bibliophile Brouhaha is hosting an awesome cover contest! If you haven’t been carrying on a normal busy life living under a rock, you probably heard that everyone’s favorite rapper who likes to Get Rich or Die Tryin’ is coming out with a YA debut early next year. If … Continue reading »


Honestly, if it weren’t for the other lovely bloggers that I stalk talk to on a regular basis, I wouldn’t be so inspired to post approximately 30% of my Cover Love posts. Oh, sure, browsing Goodreads, publishers’ sites and author blogs is extremely helpful. But my fellow bloggers, when their powers combine, are like a … Continue reading »


I decided to take part in GReads’ feature-tastic Friday question this week! Ginger asks: “Summer Love: Where’s your ideal place to take a summer vacation & get lost in a book?” Warning: It’s going to take a few paragraphs before I actually get to answering this question. I’m long-winded, you see. I know I rarely … Continue reading »


Last fall when I started this here little blog, my first post featured the cover art for Courtney Summers’ third novel, Fall for Anything. All of the design elements flowed beautifully together. It was the kind of cover that captured a mood, an ache of sorts, with a subdued color palette, a title that held its … Continue reading »


Less than a week after my first post about adult fiction covers reminding me of YA book covers, the lovely Katie from What Books Have Taught Me pointed out another familiar-looking adult cover: And its similar YA cover is just a click away. =) ALSO. I went on a book date with two friends of … Continue reading »


I’m wondering if I need to turn this particular post into a feature of some sort. If you’ve visited the blog on more than two or three occasions, you’ll discover that I’m not exactly a huge fan of Sad Girls in Pretty Dresses on covers. So when a friend of mine pointed this pair of … Continue reading »


I was at the bookstore recently doing a random round of cover-stalking when I noticed this gem in the bargain book section. It’s not very often that a cover in one genre (adult) will remind me of another cover in a different genre (YA). This was a pleasant surprise. Stumped on this cover’s YA counterpart? … Continue reading »


So, let’s briefly discuss my tiny fascination with ZOMBIES. Yes, you read that right. I’m an eclectic girl with eclectic tastes, and zombies happen to be one of my interests, especially after watching Shawn of the Dead and the first season of The Walking Dead. Speaking of which, WHEN IS SEASON 2 PREMIERING? I just spent … Continue reading »