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In My Mailbox (imm) is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren, also known as The Fabulous Kristi (that’s how I know her, anyway). This post is about a month overdue, and contains a gaggle of bookish Christmas and birthday gifts! Needless to say, I think I’m pretty set for 2012 on literature. This first group … Continue reading »


So I have this little list in my Gmail account that has a variety of links. This list includes blogs to check out, book covers to love (or loathe), illustrators, designers, photographers, you name it. And illustrator Chris Silas Neal has been sitting on this little list for quite some time. I think it’s high time … Continue reading »


Another caps-happy, simple red cover stopped me in my tracks again. Imagine that. It could be the cover’s use of negative space. Or perhaps that loud cluster of colors I heard from clear across the room. Actually, it was those two attributes joined by that doozy of a title that made me hone in on … Continue reading »


Happy new year, everyone! Y’know, a week later. Man, it’s a good thing I didn’t put “Be timely about things/Get my act together” as a bullet point on my 2012 resolutions list, because a) that sounds incredibly boring and b) my real resolutions of “learning a new language” and “sending more letters and postcards” took … Continue reading »