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I’m a bit of a text-a-holic. A font freak, if you will. Give me some good-lookin serifs, sans serifs, demi-bolds, and ultra-lights and I will not be ashamed to fawn over your type design. In relation to cover design, typography plays a pretty large role, at least for me. There are countless instances where I’ve … Continue reading »

Okay, folks, confession time. I’m not exactly proud of this, but I’ve never read a graphic novel.* Please don’t judge me! Because as soon as I get my grabby hands on Craig Thompson’s Blankets, that’s all going to change, I promise. This particular Cover Love post is interesting in the fact that the author is also … Continue reading »


CUTE COVER ALERT. While I do realize that Amanda Ashby’s novel was originally published four years ago, it certainly didn’t keep me from letting out an LOL after seeing this cover for the first time. And while I can’t say much for its type choice or treatment, I have to say kudos to the adorable … Continue reading »


In any visual medium, it’s extremely difficult to not compare trends — to avoid comparing them is simply unhealthy. Our eyes tend to view and take notice of how ideas and concepts are different, similar, unique, attention-grabbing, and just…same ol’ same ol’. Unfortunately, such is the case of the Pretty Dress/Sad Girl on a Paranormal … Continue reading »


Guess who loves comparing international covers?! *flails arms around wildly* Above is the US cover art for the hardcover version of Pam Bachorz’s Candor. When I first saw it, I quickly slid my hand to cover up Mr. Surfer Deejay’s face and thought to myself, Hmm, I could live with that. I understand why Egmont went … Continue reading »


In My Mailbox (imm) is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren, also known as Kristi. She has blond hair and a big black dog named Xander, who is approximately the size of a small duplex. She also runs a pretty nifty blog. Because I’m never too shy to say that I’m spoiled rotten by anyone … Continue reading »


I can almost guarantee you that every other What Were YA Thinkin? post will be dedicated to a cover that gives me heebie jeebies. Like this one: I’m not going even going to address the type treatment for The Waking or the fact that I can jump on the all-caps bandwagon for this cover art. … Continue reading »


After a few days of seeing me gush about my love for Gigged’s cover art and hearing directly from its talented creator, you’ve finally made it to my favorite part of this particular series of posts — an interview with Gigged’s author, Heath Gibson. *Insert rounds of applause and confetti-throwing here* TCG: First things first, regarding … Continue reading »


Today’s post features the artist responsible for Gigged’s thought-provoking cover art. The purpose of this feature is to give you some insight on the processes behind great cover design. Please give a warm welcome to photographer and graphic designer, Ellen Lawson. TCG: Did you get a chance to read Gigged before starting on its design? What information … Continue reading »


If I could shape this week’s theme of posts around one word, that word would be “thought-provoking.” When I first saw the cover art for Gigged, I have to admit that I reacted emotionally. And to be honest, I don’t think that the team behind this cover design expected me to react any other way. … Continue reading »

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