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In My Mailbox (imm) is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren, also known as The Fabulous Kristi (that’s how I know her, anyway).

This post is about a month overdue, and contains a gaggle of bookish Christmas and birthday gifts! Needless to say, I think I’m pretty set for 2012 on literature.


This first group of books were all Christmas and birthday gifts! Two of these books were featured here on the blog, Where Things Come Back and Between Two Ends. (Not pictured: Legend by Marie Lu)

I loved how S&S kept the detailing from an alternate cover for Where Things Come Back’s interior title page:


The Between Two Ends‘ cover wins out of all the books pictured in this post, though:


And after disrobing its jacket:


Shatter Me was quite the looker, too:



And because of gift cards and recommendations from book bloggers, this second group of books was purchased! (Not pictured: One Con Glory by Sarah Kuhn)


This final group of books I’m calling my Mel Stack. My lovely friend and book blogger Melanie sent these to me out of the kindness of her heart. (Sap much? Oh yes.) It’s a great feeling knowing that she’s sent me these books based on what she thinks I would like/connect with. She’s awesome like that.


imm_012212_pixarcover-3164745I was so excited to get this for Christmas I think I squealed a little when I unwrapped the box and discovered what it was. Like, a 12-year-old girl squeal and everything. Obviously I talk about art here on the blog, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever expressed my zeal for Pixar. Well, now you know. Y’all, I could watch some Pixar BTS for days. Some out of my own curiosity and love for Pixar, others out of babysitting my nephew when he was a wee one. Toy Story and I? We go waaaay back. (As an 11-year-old, my nephew now thinks Pixar “is for babies,” and upon discovering this my heart basically shattered into a million pieces.)


This book is about the colorscripts of Pixar/Disney. And this isn’t just about some pretty art and glossy pages. There are only 8 pages dedicated to breaking down what colorscripts are, and every single paragraph is worth the read. Amidi brings you from a shallowly curious state to chest-deep in wonder in less than an hour. And poring over those 300-odd pages can’t be fully understood prior to reading those pages. Trust me.

imm_012212_pp_01-3162817imm_012212_pp_02-9029259Ever since I saw author Adrienne Kress tweet about getting a box of Penguin postcards in the mail, I knew I was in love and it was imperative to have them in my grabby hands.


I can’t even begin to express how happy these postcards make me. The stock is solid, the covers are awesome, and more of ‘em need to be released into the wild. Because these postcards fit in with one of my resolutions to write more, I’d love to send you one. So shoot me an email if you’re interested, and it’ll be on its way soon.


Last but not least, I have a new way to enjoy movies, creating music, art, playing games, and now — reading digitally on a screen that’s actually larger than the size of my phone. Twitter friend Jennifer also introduced me to Morning Glories, which is my current comics obsession. (Bless you, comiXology app.)

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