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Movie poster diversion time!

Yesterday, I discovered through a Twitter friend that The Hunger Games Trilogy Fansite had opened up voting for a poster design contest for the film that releases in 2012. If you’re a huge fan* of movie posters and the novels, I suggest you go vote!

Here were my three favorites:


I have to be honest here when I say that concept-wise, I didn’t expect the first two entries on the left. Thus, my eyes were drawn like a moth to a flame. Kudos to those two designers for creating something that would definitely make me stop and notice at the theater. Also, kudos to the last entry from Katie (sorry, I couldn’t get info to properly credit the other two designers) for using the least Disney-esque model that didn’t make me actually feel sorry for her. I mean really, doesn’t that BA model just scream, “I will cut you”?

Also, can anyone tell me what a reverse high-five is?


Considering that this entry basically used my third favorite entry’s comp as a base layer, I’m giving this an honorable mention in What Were YA Thinkin? category.

*I won’t lie, I’m so excited about this film I may throw up. But that excitement is also mixed with a Great and Terrible Fear that the film won’t live up to the written trilogy.

Bryan Williams