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Look, A BLOG POST Happy Monday, friends! Please welcome my Twitter-turned-IRL-friend, Savannah, on the blog today! When she told me she had a set of matchy-matchy covers to email me, I harassed asked her to guest post. So without further ado, please welcome to lovely Savannah B. =)  

So, I snapped pictures of two familiar-looking books the last time I was at our Friendly Local Library. When I got home and googled them, it turned out that, once again, my memory is not exactly that of an elephant.

Speaking of elephants!

{worst. segue. ever.}

Here is the cover of an “inspirational novel” that I’ve never read.


And here is the cover of a really great novel that I have read.


As it turns out, the cover that I snapped of the inspirational novel wasn’t exactly the way I’d remembered Water for Elephants’ cover… but they could be book spine twins, right?

Further spinal-twin evidence:


It’s Ape House, the second novel from WfE author Sara Gruen, behind Life’s Golden Ticket.

So, really, they could all be spine triplets. Or something.

(Admittedly, none of these are YA books. But they sort of look alike, so I win. I think.)

Capillya: Yes, you always win, Savannah.

The second cover I snapped was much closer to the cover I thought it looked like.

This is the cover of The Last Dragon:


Which reminds me of the first book in a middle grade trilogy (a really cool adventure and coming-of-age story based on the Bible’s David and Goliath) my son and I are in the middle of:


See: scales on the left side, stylized lizards adorning the cover, ye olde-timey fonts.

Oh! These two are probably spine twins, too!

So, I think That Cover Girl should maybe change her blog to That Cover Girl Who Also Takes Book Spine Twins Into Consideration.

It has a nice ring to it.

Savannah B has a cute, occasionally neglected blog about her three cute, rarely neglected children. And about books. And about anything else that pops into her head and stays there for more than sixteen seconds. She’s also on the twitters an awful lot at @SavannahB. One more thing: She’s always looking for more good books, so feel free to recommend some to her at

Thanks so much for guest posting on ze blog today, Savannah! Savannah never fails to make me laugh on Twitter, and she’s one of my go-to pals when it comes to bookish text messaging. Well, any kind of text message, really.

Also, hate to break it to you, S, but the blog name, “That Cover Girl Who Also Takes Book Spine Twins Into Consideration” may be a tad too…long. icon_wink-2919711

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