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I know I can’t be the only one who believes that a lot of YA covers are really subliminal marketing messages for products put out there for market research…right? Because if they are — marketing people, YOU ARE BRILLIANT. Below are a few covers I’ve pulled from my cover stash that I feel may be … Continue reading »


My opinion of faces on covers hasn’t always been a positive one, and not much has managed to change my opinion over the past few years, either. It takes a certain type of cover with a certain type of face to grab my attention. Recently, that certain type of cover was Siobhan Vivian’s The List. The … Continue reading »


One of the neat things about being an author with a slew of books under your belt is that the ratio of love to hate of your own book covers is much better than if you’ve only published a few. Such is the case of author Pete Hautman, who currently has 13 YA books out … Continue reading »


If you’re a frequenter of this here li’l blog, you know exactly how much I love to interview artists and authors alike regarding cover art. By the way, if there are any wealthy benefactors out there who have absolutely no idea what to do with their money (after donating a lot of it to charity, … Continue reading »


I’ve rewritten this sentence about 27 times, but still can’t come up with anything clever enough to intro this cover. It’s probably because I can’t compose myself long enough to think without laughing. There isn’t anything particularly striking about the cover art besides its funny title, since it’s a parody of the original artwork. I’m … Continue reading »

Bryan Williams