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As I’ve mentioned before, I believe that cover art is similar to a type of bait — art directors and marketing teams hope that it’ll hook you. But in some special cases, you don’t have to know anything about the novel’s subject matter. The cover itself simply makes you want to know more. This same … Continue reading »

Since the bio section on my blog is horrendously finite and lacking, I thought I’d inform you that I was interviewed by my friend Ginger this past week! And guess what, I wrote more than 3 sentences! (And when I mean more than 3, I mean like 1200+ words. I hope you don’t fall asleep.) … Continue reading »


How I’d describe all you readers of this here little blog: It’s been a good 101 posts so far since last fall, and I want to celebrate by a having little giveaway. If you haven’t heard of Sweethearts by Sara Zarr, you must check out FYA’s review here. I won’t blather on about how much … Continue reading »


I have to admit, most of the time it feels like a paperback’s cover gets treated like the red-headed step-child when it comes to cover design. It kind of sulks in the shadow of its hardcover older sibling, hoping that someone will pay just as much attention to it, and not because of the cheaper … Continue reading »

Okay folks — a little break from my regularly scheduled cover loving/hating, if I may. For those of you who don’t know, I did a short book video for Daisy Whitney’s The Mockingbirds last year as little joy project.* Well, lo and behold, I got an email from Daisy last Friday saying that it was … Continue reading »


When you think about silhouettes in art and design, what’s the first image that pops into your head? Is it an 18th century portrait? A movie poster? (And is it the Scarface poster — that’s what comes to my mind at least) Are silhouettes too dull and uninteresting? Are they copouts to creating a multidimensional … Continue reading »


Apparently I’ve been living under a rock, because I just now discovered that the Go Fug Yourself gals’ YA debut has a cover. I have to admit that it’s pretty difficult to maintain an air of professionalism when all you want to do is go fangirl crazy over the fact that ahem, THE GO FUG YOURSELF … Continue reading »

Movie poster diversion time! Yesterday, I discovered through a Twitter friend that The Hunger Games Trilogy Fansite had opened up voting for a poster design contest for the film that releases in 2012. If you’re a huge fan* of movie posters and the novels, I suggest you go vote! Here were my three favorites: I have to … Continue reading »


Warning: the content you are about to read may reveal just how fangirly I am when it comes to interviewing designers and illustrators. I know this particular feature is called Artist Abbreviated, but in NO WAY will this interview be abbreviated. Abbreviating the awesome Colleen AF Venable would be doing you a disservice, trust me. … Continue reading »

In My Mailbox (imm) is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren. Disclaimer! This is the world’s shortest IMM video. Try not to blink! Books won/purchased/gifts – 1) The Things A Brother Knows (Dana Reinhardt) 2) Delirium (Lauren Oliver) 3) The Thief (Megan Whalen Turner) 4) Blankets (Craig Thompson) Borrowed from the library: 1) The … Continue reading »

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