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You’d think someone who had a feature called Cell Coverage would be able to take a decent, non-blurry photo with her phone. Au contraire. My poor phone’s backside has since been replaced (its glass got scratched!), but not before I had the chance to snap this quick pic at my local BAM: Here’s the thing … Continue reading »


It really is rare that I discover YA cover art on my own nowadays. Often it’s through someone tweeting “omg OMG COVER REVEAL LOOKZ” or Goodreads or someone simply emailing me a link. It’s also safe to say that the former methods of cover-share normally result in me pointing at my mouth and making gagging … Continue reading »


I wonder about a variety of issues when it comes to marketing in the publishing industry. As someone who often works alongside ad agencies, I’d like to think that I can empathize with some of their woes — the red tape, the endless amount of revisions, the neutering of the artistic soul, properly defining an … Continue reading »


You might have to do a double take when you look at this cover. This really is a young adult book, I promise. If you had pulled Tanita S. Davis’ Mare’s War from a shelf at the library or a bookstore, I would never have guessed where it came from. Maybe from adult fiction? History? … Continue reading »


Apparently I’ve been living under a rock, because I just now discovered that the Go Fug Yourself gals’ YA debut has a cover. I have to admit that it’s pretty difficult to maintain an air of professionalism when all you want to do is go fangirl crazy over the fact that ahem, THE GO FUG YOURSELF … Continue reading »


Problem: Apparently I’ve yet to share my love of musical instruments on covers. Solution: I think I can remedy that with some cover art eye candy — namely Cecil Castelluci’s paperback cover for Beige. You may or may not have seen a few prior posts on pink covers here and here and here. (Oh…and here) I’m … Continue reading »


What can I say, I’m a sucker for covers with symbols. Especially well-crafted, beautifully illustrated ones. I’ve never read any of the oodles of Sweep novels, but if I ever decided to start reading them, I could blame these covers. My favorite is the second volume, mostly because I’m permanently biased to non-spectral colors between violet and … Continue reading »


I know this feature is called Cover Love, but I think you’ll quickly see that this post is far beyond cover love, folks. It’s coverlust in the most purest of forms. It’s so lusty* that I might even have to come up with a different feature name. Something along the lines of Spaztastic Cover Pics … Continue reading »


One of the most frustrating things about the publishing industry is that, like most other enterprises, it’s a slave to supply and demand. Read: Why It Can Take So Effing Long For Books to Hit Certain Countries. So when I saw Catherine Fisher’s Incarceron sitting on a shelf at the bookstore, I was immediately enamored, not … Continue reading »


So, basically it’s been Awesome Package Week here at the office. And it’s only Tuesday. The graphic designer and I spent a good 15 minutes putting our grabby hands all over these: They remind me a little bit of restaurant menus. “Why yes, I’ll have some Proxima Nova with a side of FF Meta Serif, … Continue reading »