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Guess who loves comparing international covers?!

*flails arms around wildly*


Above is the US cover art for the hardcover version of Pam Bachorz’s Candor. When I first saw it, I quickly slid my hand to cover up Mr. Surfer Deejay’s face and thought to myself, Hmm, I could live with that. I understand why Egmont went with the upper half of this cover design — the headphones are representative of the subliminal messages that are important in Oscar’s story. Regardless, Mr. Intense-face was a little much for me.

Here’s the US cover art for the paperback version:


I can definitely appreciate keeping the desaturated look and white picket fence. But the orange eyes? It feels a little too paranormal to me.

Finally, my favorite two covers, which were released internationally:


This is one of those instances where I love a novel’s international interpretation so much more. Do you like to compare international book covers? Any particular covers that come to mind?

Bryan Williams