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While Girls With Weapons would make for an interesting YA title, this post is dedicated to two very awesome covers (WITH FACES, no less) that have recently caught my eye. I wouldn’t want to be menacingly approached by them in an alleyway 18th century pirate ship/city of the Fairy Queen, for sure.


First up is Carrie Vaughn’s novel, Steel. I was immediately intrigued because my coworker, a member of the SCA, knows the precise way to wield a rapier, which was the first thing my eye was drawn to. I sent him the link and asked him if it was legit. After making a few comments, he said it was. (This is a big deal)

Secondary to the rapier that has the sun glinting off of it at just the perfect angle is the heroine’s (not protagonist, heroine) expression. That’s not just a piercing rapier she’s about to stab you with, that’s a piercing stare. The kind of stare that makes you feel bad that you were looking in the first place.

The other cover that floated across my radar, Malinda Lo’s Huntress, was just revealed this week.


I’m still more partial to Vaughn’s cover, but only because I’m biased in terms of the rapier and the more hard-edge stare. The depicted Huntress looks serious enough, though. In a Girls With Weapons Fantastical Time-Traveling Death Match, who do you think would win, Huntress or Jill?

Regardless, it’s a pretty simple formula in the case of these two YA covers that: scripted type + magical journey + girl + the element of wind + weapon = winner.

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Bryan Williams