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I’m wondering if I need to turn this particular post into a feature of some sort. If you’ve visited the blog on more than two or three occasions, you’ll discover that I’m not exactly a huge fan of Sad Girls in Pretty Dresses on covers.

So when a friend of mine pointed this pair of covers out to me just the other day…well, needless to say it didn’t bolster my confidence in the SGiPD cause.


If I were to pick my favorite between these two, I wouldn’t have to think twice about it — I’d go with The Vespertine. And after a thorough scientific analysis of the stock model’s face (and mentally asking myself WHAT ARE THEY RUNNING FROM?!) one may hesitate that they fulfill the “sad” prerequisite of being a SGiPD cover.

And to this I say, “Well, hmmm, I guess they look ‘scared.’ Therefore, the SGiPD is definitely still legit.”

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Bryan Williams