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Notice anything out of the ordinary? I mean, if you’re not completely distracted by the giant red monstrosities advertising both books’ NOW ONLY prices.


I know I’m not alone in admitting that most girls can be enticed from several feet away by a bargain price. But the fact that both Susan Colebank’s Black Tuesday and Kieran Scott’s She’s So Dead to Us sat mere inches away from each other was no accident. It’s as if the bookstore personnel knew I’d come traipsing through that day, armed with my cell phone and ready to attack any cover that dare make some sort of impression on me. (At least this is what I think in my head.)

What is it about covers like these (that focus on a simple and symbolic object) that make them more-than-one-cover-worthy? Have you read either of these books? If so, do these pearls have anything to do with either novel’s innards?

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Bryan Williams