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I follow the lovely Regina Roff on Twitter, a talented designer and illustrator who also happens to be a fun person to follow. She’s also getting married this coming weekend (2 days!), and she posted a photo of her wedding shower greeting card, which I promptly retweeted: Oh who am I kidding, it is the best … Continue reading »


This post’s a short one but a good one, I promise. I’m trying my best not to use all capital letters in this post, so I’m going to go ahead and cut to the chase. The incredibly talented Chad Beckerman posted about the evolution of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’s cover. If you’ve fully … Continue reading »


A little over a month ago, I was ridiculously excited to learn that the designer of one of my favorite book covers of all time, Chip Kidd, did a TED talk. As I was watching it, I sent a few excitedly obsessive opinionated emails to my fellow cover-snob (and lovely) friend Sommer. These emails may … Continue reading »


Oh, publishers. Oh, film industry. You and your incessant need to market the mess out of something I love, leaving me filled with dread that this film will inevitably be merchandised into an oblivion. I leave the country for 10 measly days, road trip a couple more and this is what I come back to? … Continue reading »

I’m going on somewhat of a hiatus from blogging until December. But I thought I’d write a quick post featuring the striking cover for R.J. Palacio’s upcoming novel, Wonder. Many, many thanks to Erin for sending it to me. Internet is spotty and slow where I am. I’d write more, but I don’t even know if this … Continue reading »

I think the three most popular cover-related posts that pop up in my Google Reader are some variation of cover love, cover reveals, or twinkie covers. Not that I’m opposed to these (obviously), because every time I spy such a title I immediately want to stop whatever I’m doing and read that post. (I’ve got … Continue reading »


I thought this hair model I saw on the internet looked a little familiar. So I did a little digging. Why, hello there, Taurus Eyes. My, what pretty eyes, hair, and FLAWLESS SKIN you have!


When compared to this other cover, I say The Miseducation of Cameron Post wins.


Yeah, this little number RIGHT HERE. I won’t speak to how this poster portrays (and mocks) my beloved YA authors, of course. I won’t breathe a word about my expectations for this film. But what I can say is wow, marketing team, I love this. I mean, really. Does this poster not ooze a little … Continue reading »


If you know me at all, you already understand that one of the quickest ways to my heart is through a sense of humor. (Candy is probably next in line, shortly followed by a certain degree of geekiness.) So when this post was brought to my attention, I just had to share the love. In … Continue reading »