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Honestly, if it weren’t for the other lovely bloggers that I stalk talk to on a regular basis, I wouldn’t be so inspired to post approximately 30% of my Cover Love posts. Oh, sure, browsing Goodreads, publishers’ sites and author blogs is extremely helpful. But my fellow bloggers, when their powers combine, are like a visual encyclopedia of covers for my eyeballs to ogle. And this little doozy below is no exception. (Thanks FYA!)

emond_wintertown-6841903I’ll be frank, when I first saw the cover, I let out one of those Bieber fangirl squeals (where your voice gets all high-pitched) and shrieked, “Hole punches! The snow is made out of hole punches!” Contrary to my behavior on Twitter, I had not eaten a whole pound of chocolate nor consumed an unhealthy amount of caffeine, either. I just like to freak out over the creative components of covers, that’s all.

Creativity aside, Winter Town reminds me a lot of Craig Thompson’s Blankets (which, as my first GN, I absolutely loved).

Looking at its face, I can’t help but think that there’s something hopeful about the story within Winter Town. I love the rich shade of blue, and if I’m looking at it correctly, the subtle gradient closest to the snow. The falling snow resembles twinkling lights in the night sky, and forgive me for laying on the cheese but…it feels magical.

But my absolute favorite element is the play between two and three dimensions on this cover. There’s something pretty awesome about a cover that makes you do a double take. In fact, I’d frame and hang this on my wall to add to my (currently non-existent) museum of cover art in a heartbeat.

I know that Winter Town and Blankets are two completely different stories, but after getting my heart ripped in half while reading the emotional roller coaster that is Blankets, if Winter Town is anywhere within the vicinity of that ride, consider me first in line.

For a few other peeks at the inside of the novel, be sure to visit Emond’s post about the cover here.

Bryan Williams