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If the cover for Michael Northrop’s Gentlemen didn’t grab you at first, perhaps this one will:

northrop_trapped550-9192091One of the most common reasons why I do a double-take when it comes to covers is a combination of surprise by an arresting title and surprise by an emotional reaction to a vivid scene. So was the case when I first saw Trapped’s cover art.

The cover for Michael Northrop’s second YA novel is absolutely chilling. (I say this in the most serious way possible) Two deductions can be made from this cover: a) people are trapped b) in a high school. This isn’t your typical cheerful wintry mix, either. This blue-hued cover art had me curious to read more as soon as I saw it online.

The type treatment that skims the top of the snow is a nice touch — I love how it’s a part of the scenery. It’s refreshing to see a title that doesn’t necessarily have to flail its arms at the reader yelling, “HEY LOOK AT ME, I’M THE TITLE,” then passively wave its hand at the backdrop saying, “And yeah, that’s the rest of the cover.”

Trapped’s cover designer, Phil Falco, was also responsible for Gentlemen’s stunning cover:

northrop_gentlemen-7490586And yes, that is exactly what you think it is. (I hope you don’t think it’s just some really large hoodie from The Gap)

While I normally don’t include summaries for books on this blog, I will say that Michael’s brief description of Trapped being “The Breakfast Club meets The Shining” had me grinning and slightly freaked out at the same time. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, where you’ll hear much more from Michael in the fourth installment of Authorthoughts.

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