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It’s very rare that I come across a novel with multiple cover designs that I love equally. That was until I saw two of the covers for Charmian Hussey’s The Valley of Secrets.

hussey_vos_01-8432451This version of the cover art has a sort of whimsical feel to it, mostly due to the type. I can’t put my finger on what movie poster it reminds me of, but at face value I’d peg this novel to be a sort of magical fantasy. There’s something very Harry Potter-like about it, mixed in with a little bit of Big Fish. And hello, is that a secret garden? That gives this cover instant pick-me-up quality, for sure.

hussey_vos_02-8082471This version of the cover replaces the previous whimsical aspects with a sense of secrecy and danger. Not like “leaves of three let them be” danger (that is an awful lot of mysterious foliage, people!), but a la Jumanji or The Jungle Book.

Which one would you pick up at the library or bookstore, if you had the choice?

Bryan Williams