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Oh for the love of hand-drawn art, what have we here?


I was distracted from work the other day when Adele emailed me the link to cover artist Elise Hurst’s website, where she goes into some background about how all three covers of Celine Kiernan’s Moorehawke Trilogy were made.

Other than the fact that Hurst definitely outdid herself in creating three fascinatingly beautiful covers, I’m most intrigued by the seamless illustrations that carry from cover to cover. Each cover tells a completely different story but they’re all interwoven without seemingly any effort of all. I also like how each Roman numeral is included in the title – it’s a nice little nod to the sequential order of each book, and makes things less confusing than other never-ending series’ cover art.

All in all: bravo, Hurst.


As for the US/UK version? No thanks, Orbit. Allen & Unwin’s cover art wins.

Bryan Williams