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Nope, The Last Three Weeks isn’t an older read. Nor is it an ARC that’s going to be handed out this week at BEA. (Hi BEA friends! Hope you’re having fun!) I’ve been going 90mph in the last few weeks and haven’t had much time to investigate new goings-on in YA Cover Land, so here’s a quick post to show off a few notable covers that have popped up in my various feeds recently. For once, I’ll be keeping my commentary to a minimum.


Look, how ROMANTICAL. This cover makes me all tingly just like this one!


I need to know the story behind this smokey-faced key cover. Something tells me it has nothing to do with my Gmail account’s nifty archive feature.


Sarah Dessen cover makeovers! No more crotchety cartwheels! I’ve picked my favorites of the redesigns — thanks Heidi for the heads up!


Yeah, you can bet your bottom dollar I about lost my marbles when I saw Marie Lu post this on Twitter. The Japanese cover was illustrated by Tatsuyuki Tanaka (of Akira fame!). Just seeing this cover makes me want to re-read Legend, and I’m even more pumped for Prodigy’s release in January. Side note: I was a little bit proud that even with my rusty Japanese, I could read parts of the cover, namely Mah-ree Ru. icon_wink-9471666

 If there are any covers that I’ve missed that you’d like to share, please post ‘em in the comments!

Bryan Williams