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Apparently I’ve been living under a rock, because I just now discovered that the Go Fug Yourself gals’ YA debut has a cover.


I have to admit that it’s pretty difficult to maintain an air of professionalism when all you want to do is go fangirl crazy over the fact that ahem, THE GO FUG YOURSELF GIRLS have a YA book to begin with. So I’ll spare you the fangirling with a dissection of Spoiled’s cover art instead.

What I love the most about the cover design: you can spot it from 10 million miles away. You’ve gotta hand it to Little, Brown/Poppy — they know their demo. This cover screams bright and fun, with a good colorful splash of humor. Well, not exactly “screams.” It sort-of bats its eyes at you and says in a sing-song voice, “Yoo-hoo! Hey you, there! Pick me up! You know you want to. I’m so much prettier than that Sad Girl in a Pretty Dress paranormal cover over there! Bless that girl’s heart, my authors are going to have a field day with that awful hairstyle!”

I love how Spoiled sets itself apart by doing something different. Its tagline is unobtrusive but catches your attention immediately because it seems to capture (what I assume to be) the sassy and snarky tone that I’m hoping is littered throughout this book. Does it matter if makeup is mentioned at all in this novel? No. Will this cover attract readers who don’t give a flip about nail polish and lip gloss? Absolutely.

Case in point: yours truly is so lazy, all she ever puts on is mascara and ChapStick. Also, a tiny part of me wishes I could get a makeover just by looking at this cover.

Bryan Williams