cover love: smile for the camera |

As we’re quickly approaching December, I thought it’d be fitting to show some cover love to a snow globe-like cover.

Well, sort of.

james_sftc-5305818There is absolutely no Christmas-like quality to this cover except for the globe-ish shape, and the stark white background that almost resembles the blinding white of snow. But this cover art hits a few key buttons of what I like in a quality cover. Simplicity: check. Broken glass: check. A scene that makes you actually question how much forethought went into its design (in a positive way): check.

Every element of this cover art feels like it’s been hand-selected to resemble exactly what this story is about. And when I see that it’s a memoir, I can’t help but peer even further into that cracked globe. There’s something very alluring about that tiny replica of a big city and miniature doll resembling author Kelle James as a sixteen-year-old girl. S&S knew exactly what they were doing — this cover speaks volumes for a memoir I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up off the shelf. And as someone who doesn’t exactly jump at the opportunity to read non-fic YA, this is saying a lot.