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When I first saw the cover for Andrea Seigel’s The Kid Table, I laughed. It was a good laugh. I love it when the publishing industry realizes that a message on a cover can be simple, and that oftentimes, less is more. My brain didn’t have to go into overdrive when I first saw this … Continue reading »


One of the first questions that pop into my mind when I see an interesting cover is: “What kind of creative boundaries did the designer have to work in?” I work for a small production company, and 90% of our design is done in-house. Our graphic designer bounces back and forth between client, art director, … Continue reading »


There’s something to be said about a cover when at first look, it leaves me a bit perplexed. Then, slowly, that feeling grows into intrigue, and then, admiration. Finally, I’m just staring at my computer screen, wondering how all of the design elements came together, making me feeling this way. Here’s my initial reaction, posted … Continue reading »


I’ll have to be frank. This was kind of a no-brainer for me. When I first saw Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush at my book store last year, it did make me stop to take a second glance. Probably in a guilty way. (Read: COVERLUST) It was one of those fronted sets of books, and I remember … Continue reading »


Jonathan Friesen’s Jerk, California is the perfect example of a novel that I picked up at a bookstore because its spine (that’s right folks, right before I even saw the COVER) caught my eye. Take a look: It’s almost excruciatingly simple, no? I had never seen Friesen’s book cover online, nor had I read any reviews. All … Continue reading »


Y’all, I’m a huge Courtney Summers fangirl. Not only was her debut novel mentioned in the prior post, but I’ve been on pins and needles waiting for her third novel’s cover since…like…ever. (“Ever” meaning a few months, but, well.. semantics) I have a list of a few covers that I wanted to explore, and had … Continue reading »