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Finally, a cover with faces on it that actually made me want to know more. It might actually be easier to say that I like this cover because of the interesting subject matter, but that would be a copout. I mean, yes, there’s a half-face of a girl on the cover, but look, there, to … Continue reading »


There’s something to be said about a novel whose cover can stand the test of time. Timeless covers like those that grace the face of To Kill A Mockingbird and A Clockwork Orange can be re-designed again and again and will never lose their original appeal. Then you have novels whose faces get a…well, much-needed … Continue reading »


I know this feature is called Cover Love, but I think you’ll quickly see that this post is far beyond cover love, folks. It’s coverlust in the most purest of forms. It’s so lusty* that I might even have to come up with a different feature name. Something along the lines of Spaztastic Cover Pics … Continue reading »


Another beautiful piece of cover art crossed my path a few weeks ago as I was browsing Goodreads. The face of Léna Roy’s Edges grabbed my attention immediately. It wasn’t the giant title, it was the character piece that was painted beneath it. All of the things I absolutely love about this cover can be … Continue reading »


I’m not quite sure what grabbed me first when I saw the cover design for Antony John’s Five Flavors of Dumb – the odd title or the cover itself. At first glance, the cover holds its own in the mood department. Dumb’s protagonist, Piper, appears to be resilient and no-nonsense. There’s a seriousness to this cover, … Continue reading »


For one of my what were YA thinkin? posts, I mentioned that frightening covers scare the ever-loving crap out of me. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean I avoid eerie things altogether. I can still appreciate a beautiful cover and be slightly creeped out at the same time. Take, for example, Brian Keaney’s The Hollow People: I … Continue reading »


An interesting blurb from author J.T. Dutton’s Freaked wraps up its summary in a curious way: “A joyous tale of a teen Dead Head.” It goes without saying that Freaked’s cover is very different from most YA contemporary novels’ covers. I’m such a sucker for titles in uppercase type that work with the cover’s design … Continue reading »


When I look at a novel’s cover, it’s really hard to not compare it to other covers that I’ve seen before. Or Argentinian Socialist imagery, for that matter. Regardless of its familiar El Che color scheme and look, Lish McBride’s Hold Me Closer, Necromancer proves to me yet again that I’m slowly warming up to … Continue reading »


One of the most frustrating things about the publishing industry is that, like most other enterprises, it’s a slave to supply and demand. Read: Why It Can Take So Effing Long For Books to Hit Certain Countries. So when I saw Catherine Fisher’s Incarceron sitting on a shelf at the bookstore, I was immediately enamored, not … Continue reading »


I think it’s a pretty fair assumption to say that titles have a big impact on the way I perceive a novel’s cover. When I saw the cover to Michael Harmon’s Brutal, my first thought was, “Whoa.” And then I thought, “I wonder if this book is about domestic violence.” There is something very disturbing about … Continue reading »

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