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If the cover for Michael Northrop’s Gentlemen didn’t grab you at first, perhaps this one will: One of the most common reasons why I do a double-take when it comes to covers is a combination of surprise by an arresting title and surprise by an emotional reaction to a vivid scene. So was the case … Continue reading »


It’s very rare that I come across a novel with multiple cover designs that I love equally. That was until I saw two of the covers for Charmian Hussey’s The Valley of Secrets. This version of the cover art has a sort of whimsical feel to it, mostly due to the type. I can’t put my … Continue reading »

Cue OneRepublic’s “Stop and Stare.” (Mostly for the title of the track, not so much what the song’s actually about) I’ve had my eye on Jackie Morse Kessler’s Hunger cover for several weeks now. Every time I look at it, its had that same effect on me – stop and stare. When I first saw … Continue reading »


It’s cover reveal time! It’s like someone out there in Designer Land knew I wasn’t a fan of faces on covers, and said, Quick, cover her face up! (Or at least, this is what I like to think because I might be a tad self-absorbed) The title of Melissa Walker’s next novel, Small Town Sinners, is … Continue reading »


I promise I’m not on some sort of weird “pink” kick. I promise. But after Megan McCafferty’s Bumped cover was revealed over on The Story Siren’s website yesterday, I absolutely couldn’t help myself from showing it some cover love. I have to admit my curiosity started to get the best of me when McCafferty tweeted a … Continue reading »


Disclaimer: I love covers that scream. You might want to cover your ears. The cover art for Susan Vaught’s Big Fat Manifesto is a declaration all by itself. Smothered with words that strike an emotional and psychological chord, I love how the title pops with its hot pink contrast, but also blends alongside its uppercase … Continue reading »


Those folks over at Little, Brown have done it again. Yesterday, author Jackson Pearce revealed ARCs (and their corresponding covers!) to her upcoming novel, Sweetly, a companion piece to Sisters Red. As long as Little, Brown keeps up with the awesome covers, I will continue to say nice things about them. But one of these days I … Continue reading »


What can I say, I’m a sucker for covers with symbols. Especially well-crafted, beautifully illustrated ones. I’ve never read any of the oodles of Sweep novels, but if I ever decided to start reading them, I could blame these covers. My favorite is the second volume, mostly because I’m permanently biased to non-spectral colors between violet and … Continue reading »


Lately I’ve noticed more and more feminine covers in the YA section, whether they feature flowers, purples and pinks, or just objects that scream girly like feathers and cute socks. Not that I’m opposed to any of these things, but you publishing houses really try to cater to your demographic, that’s for sure. However, this … Continue reading »


Oh for the love of hand-drawn art, what have we here? I was distracted from work the other day when Adele emailed me the link to cover artist Elise Hurst’s website, where she goes into some background about how all three covers of Celine Kiernan’s Moorehawke Trilogy were made. Other than the fact that Hurst … Continue reading »

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