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CUTE COVER ALERT. While I do realize that Amanda Ashby’s novel was originally published four years ago, it certainly didn’t keep me from letting out an LOL after seeing this cover for the first time. And while I can’t say much for its type choice or treatment, I have to say kudos to the adorable … Continue reading »


In any visual medium, it’s extremely difficult to not compare trends — to avoid comparing them is simply unhealthy. Our eyes tend to view and take notice of how ideas and concepts are different, similar, unique, attention-grabbing, and just…same ol’ same ol’. Unfortunately, such is the case of the Pretty Dress/Sad Girl on a Paranormal … Continue reading »


If I could shape this week’s theme of posts around one word, that word would be “thought-provoking.” When I first saw the cover art for Gigged, I have to admit that I reacted emotionally. And to be honest, I don’t think that the team behind this cover design expected me to react any other way. … Continue reading »


A few weeks ago I Cover Love’d Kelly Oram’s Being Jamie Baker cover, and I’ve gotta admit that part of the reason why I loved the cover was because I knew it was about a superhero(ine). I mean, really, who doesn’t love superhero stories? They are extra-heroic! Cue Perry Moore’s hardcover and paperback covers for his … Continue reading »


Happy new year, folks! If it means anything to you, I almost wrote “Happy New York.” That’s how heinously busy my past month has been — I can barely focus long enough on how I want to properly greet all of you in 2011. Brain lapses aside, feast your eyes on Linda Gerber’s Death by … Continue reading »


Remember back when I featured The Kid Table for Cover Love? If so, this cover may not come as a surprise, then. Let’s talk design elements, first. As I’ve mentioned approximately 4,538 times on this blog, I love it when a cover is simple, but different. You can’t just slap some Helvetica titles over some vintage … Continue reading »


I have to admit I’ve had my eye trained on this book for a few months. Every time I venture into a bookstore, it’s almost always outward-facing. I also can’t help but be attracted to shiny objects — y’know, like a squirrel or raccoon but without the whole rabies thing. But seriously, check out the … Continue reading »


Hey there, reader. Does this look like paranormal cover art to you? While it’s not the norm for me to discuss book synopses here, I’ll tell you this much: Nina Wright’s Homefree is about a teenage girl who astral-projects. Yes, you read that right. Now take a look again at Homefree’s cover art. When I … Continue reading »


Warning! The following cover is not to be confused with the novel featuring the half-nekkid man-angel! Nor is it to be confused with the upcoming House of Night novel! Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I can say that Katie Kacvinsky’s debut novel Awaken clearly takes the cake in the cover category, regardless of its … Continue reading »


As we’re quickly approaching December, I thought it’d be fitting to show some cover love to a snow globe-like cover. Well, sort of. There is absolutely no Christmas-like quality to this cover except for the globe-ish shape, and the stark white background that almost resembles the blinding white of snow. But this cover art hits … Continue reading »

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