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Another beautiful piece of cover art crossed my path a few weeks ago as I was browsing Goodreads. The face of Léna Roy’s Edges grabbed my attention immediately. It wasn’t the giant title, it was the character piece that was painted beneath it.


All of the things I absolutely love about this cover can be solely attributed to everything aside from the title. My main gripe isn’t the choice of font — it’s the largeness of the title itself. It’s overbearing in its relationship to what the other elements of the cover are attempting to convey.

The rest of the cover is stunningly beautiful. I would love to assume that Léna has written a masterfully-crafted character piece just by looking at its artwork. If this was the plan, the cover designer has definitely achieved his or her goal. I love that this cover attempts to transplant you into Moab visually, not completely robbing the novel of its chance to take you there with its words, but whetting your appetite for its beautiful landscape from the start.


Moab, Utah (c) All rights reserved by jamecl99


I think my favorite aspect of this cover is its color palette and how it directly relates to Edges’ tone. The greens, burnt reds, and dark contrasts set a dark mood and serious tone, but the beautiful scenery and contemplative stances of Ava and Luke give me a hint of hopefulness of an evolutionary story.

Simply put, Edges’ cover speaks to me of both beautiful and dark things about the human condition. It doesn’t seem accidental that Ava and Luke’s story would occur in a breathtaking backdrop marked by thousands of years of gradual erosion. Then again, I could just be reading a bit much into its cover. icon_wink-8902808

Bryan Williams