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You’d think someone who had a feature called Cell Coverage would be able to take a decent, non-blurry photo with her phone. Au contraire. My poor phone’s backside has since been replaced (its glass got scratched!), but not before I had the chance to snap this quick pic at my local BAM: Here’s the thing … Continue reading »


Another caps-happy, simple red cover stopped me in my tracks again. Imagine that. It could be the cover’s use of negative space. Or perhaps that loud cluster of colors I heard from clear across the room. Actually, it was those two attributes joined by that doozy of a title that made me hone in on … Continue reading »


I’ve been to the bookstore twice this week. Once, because it was close to where Hubs and I had dinner, and again when I went with my good friend Lauren (who will be on the blog next week!). But since I’m currently on a book-buying ban, both adventures were primarily spent just gazing at cover … Continue reading »


I wasn’t quite sure whether I wanted to have this particular cover featured under What Were YA Thinkin? or Cell Coverage. Because I certainly had one of those moments when I saw this cover out in the wild — you know, one of those OMG AM I GOING BLIND moments: I kid you not. I … Continue reading »


Please disregard the monstrous eyesore in the upper right hand corner of my latest cell phone find. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t my find (it was my friend Ginger’s!), but I was still impressed by it, nonetheless. Not because it looks completely three-dimensional, like you could run your hand across the cover and actually expect … Continue reading »


Sometimes you’ve just gotta love a cover because it makes you laugh out loud and completely embarrass yourself in the middle of the bookstore. The perp? Art director and designer Angela Carlino who also designed the cover art for Fallen, King Dork, and the first three (hardcover) books of the Ruby Oliver series, just to … Continue reading »


Confession: This may not come as a surprise, but I’ve become a little disoriented lately with the onslaught of Sad Girls in Pretty Dresses plastered on every single YA title’s cover. They’re dark. They’re moody. They’re alluring. Heck, they may even be setting trends for prom dresses, for all I know. They all. Look. The. Same. … Continue reading »


I have to admit, most of the time it feels like a paperback’s cover gets treated like the red-headed step-child when it comes to cover design. It kind of sulks in the shadow of its hardcover older sibling, hoping that someone will pay just as much attention to it, and not because of the cheaper … Continue reading »


You know how sometimes you see a picture of cover art online and you’re all “meh” and then someone takes a picture of the novel out in the wild and you’re, all “WHAT.” Let me explain. Take exhibit A, above. I’ll admit to seeing the graphic of Cynthia Hand’s Unearthly online and not thinking much about … Continue reading »


Now that it’s been a little over two months after launching this blog, I’m wondering if I’m starting to show a pattern of my taste in covers. Take the cover of Suzanne Weyn’s Empty, for example. Things I like about Empty’s cover: It presents a dark (and clear) tone It creates a sense of urgency … Continue reading »

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