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So I have this little list in my Gmail account that has a variety of links. This list includes blogs to check out, book covers to love (or loathe), illustrators, designers, photographers, you name it. And illustrator Chris Silas Neal has … Continue reading

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Another caps-happy, simple red cover stopped me in my tracks again. Imagine that. It could be the cover’s use of negative space. Or perhaps that loud cluster of colors I heard from clear across the room. Actually, it was those … Continue reading

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Happy new year, everyone! Y’know, a week later. Man, it’s a good thing I didn’t put “Be timely about things/Get my act together” as a bullet point on my 2012 resolutions list, because a) that sounds incredibly boring and b) … Continue reading

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If you’re a regular reader of this here li’l blog, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been absent as of late. Between coming back from Haiti, the holidays, and y’know, life in general, it’s been a bit busy. For example, this is … Continue reading

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Here’s something fun I never thought I’d be able to ask about YA cover art: What’s black and white and red all over? (And looks like a Rorschach test?) I’ve had my eyes on this particular cover ever since Thea … Continue reading

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I think this particular interview calls for a drumroll, friends. After some cover fawning and a lovely interview with author Corey Whaley, it’s now my absolute pleasure to welcome to the blog Michael McCartney, the designer responsible for both covers … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s post featured the beautiful illustrated hardcover and paperback artwork for Corey Whaley’s Where Things Come Back. Today, Corey was kind enough to stop by TCG for an interview! Welcome, Corey! TCG: I think there’s some sort of homing device … Continue reading

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There are people who can pick out a prominent city skyline because that’s their hometown or their favorite place in the world. City skylines like Paris, Tokyo, Chicago, New York and San Francisco. We recognize Mickey’s silhouette because of his … Continue reading

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I started to write my thoughts about the following sequence of images…but figured I’d just let the images tell the story. And voila:

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It really is rare that I discover YA cover art on my own nowadays. Often it’s through someone tweeting “omg OMG COVER REVEAL LOOKZ” or Goodreads or someone simply emailing me a link. It’s also safe to say that the … Continue reading

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