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If you paid a visit to The Story Siren or The Book Smugglers yesterday, you may have already spotted this lovely little gem: But let me tell you what makes this cover particularly interesting to me. I mean, besides the fact that yeah, it does make me want to read its summary: I love the … Continue reading »


Well, well, well. What do we have here? Oh, this little beauty. Yesterday, Making The Grade did a cover reveal for Trish Doller’s upcoming Where the Stars Still Shine. And it is quite shiny indeed! Today on TCG I have two lovely and insightful interviews with none other than the author herself, as well as her fabulous cover … Continue reading »


Hear ye, hear ye! For those of you who thought I had dropped off the face of the planet, IN YOUR FACE!!! I actually haven’t, but things have been busy around these parts. But I’m back for the moment and I’ve got more YA covers for you to look at, of course. Y’know, like this one! … Continue reading »


If you’re a frequenter of this here li’l blog, you know exactly how much I love to interview artists and authors alike regarding cover art. By the way, if there are any wealthy benefactors out there who have absolutely no idea what to do with their money (after donating a lot of it to charity, … Continue reading »


I think this particular interview calls for a drumroll, friends. After some cover fawning and a lovely interview with author Corey Whaley, it’s now my absolute pleasure to welcome to the blog Michael McCartney, the designer responsible for both covers for Where Things Come Back. TCG: Take us back to the drawing board — in … Continue reading »


2011 marked the year of finishing my very first graphic novel, Blankets by Craig Thompson (READ IT, IT’S AMAZING). Ever since, I’ve actively sought out more and more graphic novels, and have been recommended a ton so my TBR pile is already outrageously out of control. While ambling around the internet one evening, I happened upon the … Continue reading »


And now for the last stop on the Mare’s War Cover Love Train! Please give a warm welcome (and high five!) to cover designer Kate Gartner, the creative brainchild responsible for Mare’s captivating cover art. TCG: Did you get a chance to read Mare’s War before starting on its design? What information did you have … Continue reading »


My favorite part of these trilogy posts is, without a doubt, the Behind the Design feature. For the past two days, you’ve ogled This Girl is Different’s cover and heard author J.J. Johnson’s exploration of its cover design as well as my own. Now it’s time to hear from the creator herself. TCG: Did you … Continue reading »


Today’s post features the artist responsible for Gigged’s thought-provoking cover art. The purpose of this feature is to give you some insight on the processes behind great cover design. Please give a warm welcome to photographer and graphic designer, Ellen Lawson. TCG: Did you get a chance to read Gigged before starting on its design? What information … Continue reading »


Woot! This is my third Behind the Design post! Can you believe it? Not only does this please me to no end because it allows me to pick apart designers’ brains, but I’m so glad to finally get to share the thoughts on how Awaken’s cover came to be. Please give a warm welcome to … Continue reading »

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