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It really is rare that I discover YA cover art on my own nowadays. Often it’s through someone tweeting “omg OMG COVER REVEAL LOOKZ” or Goodreads or someone simply emailing me a link. It’s also safe to say that the former methods of cover-share normally result in me pointing at my mouth and making gagging … Continue reading »


Let’s just be honest here. When I saw the new facelift for The Rivals, I immediately did a double take. I wasn’t particularly sad that the Doberman cover had been replaced with, erm, a cute guy, but I was a bit thrown off. Where had my beloved branding gone, which had been set up nicely … Continue reading »


Hey you guyyys, did you know that Courtney Summers has a new novel coming out next summer? I’m going to keep this post as professional as I can (although I’m not promising an exclusion of capital letters later on), but I’m a little excited about the book. A lot excited. Just last month, Courtney revealed … Continue reading »


If you didn’t get a chance to read the Cover Love post yesterday, you missed me gushing about the bold and iconic paperback cover for Mare’s War. Today, the lovely Tanita S. Davis weighs in about the cover’s design, and adds a few other Authorthoughts of her own. TCG: How much anticipation did you have … Continue reading »


Every so often a cover jives with me in such a way that makes me want to scour the entire internet to find out more about its design process. J.J. Johnson’s This Girl is Different is precisely one of those covers. Please join me in welcoming J.J. to the blog in today’s Authorthoughts! TCG: With … Continue reading »


Yesterday I shared a bit of my cover love for Kiki Hamilton’s The Faerie Ring. It has always been fascinating to me to find out how a designer takes an author’s thousands of words and condenses them to one page of artwork to represent the pages within. As an author, I’d be biting my nails … Continue reading »


After a few days of seeing me gush about my love for Gigged’s cover art and hearing directly from its talented creator, you’ve finally made it to my favorite part of this particular series of posts — an interview with Gigged’s author, Heath Gibson. *Insert rounds of applause and confetti-throwing here* TCG: First things first, regarding … Continue reading »


Yesterday I featured Katie Kacvinsky’s cover for her debut novel, Awaken. Today, you get to hear her squeal about it for yourself. TCG: With this being your first published YA novel, how much anticipation did you have towards the design of your cover? Did you ever have any ideas about what you thought AWAKEN’s cover … Continue reading »


What happens when you take a story of 7 teenagers trapped at school during a blizzard trying to stay alive and combine it with a talented art director to create its cover? This: A big warm welcome to author Michael Northrop, who’s here today to share his thoughts about Trapped’s alluring cover. TCG: Regarding Trapped’s … Continue reading »


Today I’m pleased to share an interview with author Jackie Morse Kessler, who was kind enough to answer a few questions about Hunger’s amazing cover art. Hint: she loves it as much as I do. Did you have any expectations when you thought about what the cover for Hunger should look like? Were you able to provide … Continue reading »

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